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A local company needed some large stainless steel wash-bays made as part of a workshop refurbishment. They did not have engineering drawings but could describe what they needed. We worked with the customer to create a bespoke design that met their requirements. The items were then fabricated and delivered to their site on the date specified to coincide with their build schedule.


A customer required a large octagonal steel frame making. This was a heavy part made from 300x100x10mm steel tube and weighing in at over 250Kg. A wooden template was made to space-out the parts accurately before tack welding. Once dimensionally checked a root-pass of welds was laid down followed by a final-pass to bring it to full strength. The various gussets and braces were added and the frame was mounted on temporary legs for painting. There was a tight deadline on the job but we loaded it onto the customer’s transport on the target date.


A local start-up needed some help with design and manufacture of a prototype under carriage / drive unit for a new type of micro-light glider they were developing.

Initially we worked with them to translate paper-based design layouts into a 3D parametric CAD model whilst simultaneously providing engineering input from a design for manufacture perspective to optimise the unit for cost.

Several iterations were produced as the design of the fuselage progressed and matured with one key challenge being to get the design compact enough to retract into the limited space available and also keep it as light weight as possible.

Once the design was completed a simple space model was required to assist in creation of the mould tools for the fuselage and also to check its fit in the first air-frame before production parts were available. The space model is shown in the photos below.

When the customer was ready to make a first batch of production parts we were again engaged to help. We supported sourcing of the specialist materials, laser cutting and folding of various parts as well as machining a range of small components for other areas of the aircraft.


A customer required a bespoke storage box for a Land Rover. We worked from the rough sketches provided to create a CAD model. This was reviewed with the customer and a few changes agreed before starting manufacture.

The components were cut out of sheet, folded, riveted and TIG welded together. Hinges and catches were fitted and the finished box was installed to the vehicle.

This is just one of many similar items we have been commisioned to make by Land Rover enthusiasts and we really enjoy working with these iconic vehicles.


This was an unusual but interesting project. The customer wanted some large “Letters” for a stage show. They were 180cm tall with Aluminium edging to act as reflectors for the light bulbs. Letters were scaled up from an A4 sample of the font and drawn onto a sheet of MDF. They were then cut out and the rear support structures made and fitted. The reflectors had to be curved to match the profile of the letters. Some handles and feet made each letter self-standing and the backgrounds were painted white. The finished pieces looked stunning when all lit up. They really made the stage centerpiece.

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“We have used ¬†Ashland Engineering since around 2011 for a variety of design-and-make projects around the factory. Andrew worked closely with us on a number of projects to design and manufacture bespoke items used on our Production Line such as assembly fixtures, bench-extensions, special purpose frames, wheeling-dollies, etc. Parts were delivered in the agreed lead times and the quality of workmanship is good.”

Steve N, Production Manager; Traka Assa Abloy

“Andrew and his company were very helpful in listening to our needs (specs) and delivering the required parts as detailed and on time. Happy with the service provided and would recommend to others looking for a personal, tailored approach to customer service and bespoke parts.”

M Cain, River Island

“We approached Ashland Engineering to design and make a steel dining table base for a large piece of quartz we had purchased. Andrew was very helpful with choose the right materials and coming up with the exact design and style we wanted. He even helped us pick out the right shade of paint. The table was made to a high quality level in the agreed time-frame. The finished piece looks stunning, everyone comments on it. We are very happy with the service we received from Ashland Engineering – highly recommended.”

Mr S. Hussein, Milton Keynes

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